konehead design process

idea generation graphicSometimes our process may seem a little peculiar, wacky, or we appear to be having too much fun, but don’t be alarmed! Our process always has the clients’ needs and requirements at the forefront. konehead design has learned effective design strategies are rarely alike. Each path toward success is unique. One path may require greater emphasis on identity enhancement, while another may need a boost in social media engagement. This is when clear communication between us is important to achieving an effective branding strategy or design solution for you. Over the years we know this requires attentively listening to your needs and concerns. Coupled with our knowledge and experience in solving communication challenges ensures your success. One of our top goals is to earn your trust and ultimately provide a solution that exceeds your expectations of the final product.

Analysis & Planning

Ultimately the most important first step is to write clear and concise content. konehead design assists you in evaluating your content and determining the most effective way to shape it to best communicate your message. Who is your competition? Where are they more successful? How can we help you do it better? What distinguishes you or makes you unique? What is your business’s perceived value? These are just a few of the questions we ask. All along the way collaborating with you on our discoveries and insights toward accomplishing your goal. Then we can begin to establish a conceptual plan of production.

Conceptualization & Designing

Conceptualizing or brainstorming is essential to establish a foundation of structure to develop. Based upon our collaboration and our research we begin to conceive ideas which best fit the goals of your plan. A plan that allows creativity to stretch beyond the norm, creating a visual language which harmonizes with the written words and communicates to your audience. All of which must form a cohesion to following function.

Development & Testing

In web development it is critical for the “look and feel” to support the functionality and vise versa. We understand you have invested in our expertise, insight and talents to produce a product that establishes a lasting impression on your customers and the public. Inevitably driving your business’s growth. Development begins to integrate the “look and feel” with the functionality of the project and, through testing, determine the necessary steps to meet the requirements of the product. In other words, will this work?! Will the design support the functionality? Testing becomes critical toward final success of the project.

Training & Support

As technologies change at ever increasing rates, training and support becomes that much more important. After the product is working and humming along as we had planned, then konehead design provides technical support and/or training as needed. We also look toward the future and keep you abreast of trends and technologies that might benefit the growth of your business. It is our pleasure to accommodate the demands of your business.

Our formula

There is no magic formula when it comes to the creative process. In fact it requires a complex fusion of accredited training, intuitive thought and experience. Our creative process is powered by emotions, imagination, skeptical analysis, a constant eagerness to learn new software and processes, and years of industry experience. Our conviction and passion is to provide effective solutions to your communication challenges. Our purpose is to exceed your expectations and improve the market exposure of your business or organization.

Allow konehead design™ the privilege to meet with you and solve your communication challenges. We invite you to contact us today! Thank you very much for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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